Matchaya 2020 Xmas Logcake (I) - Matcha


2020 marks a new beginning for everyone as the new normal sets in and the world enters an unprecedented lifestyle adjustment. 

One thing that's certain - We are very thankful to have lovely customers that stick with us through thin and thick!

This Xmas, we will debut the Matchaya Xmas Logcake. Spread with Uji Matcha chantilly cream and piped with luxurious ceremonial Koicha cream and Japanese azuki, every mouthful will be a delight with a harmonious note of bitterness and umaminess (and certainly happiness!).

Perfect for gathering, parties and any Xmas dinner.

Product Specifications

    • Contains dairy
    • Weight: 1kg
    • Serves: 6-8 pax
    • Shelf-Life: 3 days
    • Storage Conditions: Keep in chiller at all times

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