To us, mooncake is not just food.

It's a profound cultural tradition that symbolises reunion and gratitude. Our collection of Tea Mooncakes is best eaten with family and friends, paired with our curated floral tea to express love and best wishes.

Each baked Tea Mooncake is infused with our artisanal tea and handcrafted delicately.

This year, Matchaya celebrates the 2022 Mid-Autumn festival with a abundance of hope with our ever-popular Tea Mooncakes Collection.

Each exquisite box consists of 8 pieces:

Koicha Cranberry (Ceremonial Matcha) (2x)

  • Ultra premium handpicked ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder infused lotus paste, decorated with dried cranberries and luxurious gold powder (x2)

Lychee Rose (2x)

  • Recreating the floral ispahan with rose and lychee lotus paste

Charcoal Black Sesame (2x)

  • Made with premium kurogoma (black sesame) infused lotus paste and blended with toasted shirogoma (white sesame) seeds

Yuzu Lime (2x)

  • Unique combination of sour, sweet and floral flavours conjured by yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) lotus paste and lime zest

- Enjoy, from the Matchaya Team

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