Gyokuro Tea Leaves


The pinnacle of green tea will undoubtedly fit as the prized possession of your (or loved ones') collection.

Gyokuro  are shaded for three weeks (21 days) before harvest leading higher theanine content aka sweetness.

With distinct aroma and extreme umami, our tearistas are voting this loose tea to be favourite in their collection; but seriously, who can blame them?

Brewing Method

  • Steeping Time: 3mins @ 50-60°C
  • Dosage: 1-2g / 50ml
    • Daily Indulgence
    • Origin: Kyoto, Uji
    • Harvest: 1st Flush (Spring)
    • Source: 4th Generation Tea Farmers
    • Tasting Note: Sweet, rich and extreme umami
    • Shelf-life ~9 months
    • Storage Conditions: Keep under room temperature and away from sunlight at all times

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