Nuvia Sweetener: 60 Sticks


Nuvia Sweetener is a low-calorie sugar replacement created from the pure extract of the naturally sweet stevia plant. We only use high-quality stevia in our unique sweetener which has a clean, sugar-like taste. Our signature, great-tasting sweetener can be easily used in cooking and baking and complements tea and coffee perfectly.

 Each serve (1.5 g) of Nuvia Sweetener is equal to the sweetness of 1 teaspoon of sugar making Nuvia a simple, healthy swap if you want to replace sugar in your diet.

Perfect for use at home or on-the-go, this box contains 60 individual 1.5 g servings of Nuvia Sweetener.

  • 1.5g (1 stick) x 60 sticks
  • 1 stick = 1tsp sugar
  • Sweeteners: Erythiritol (98.4%), Stevia extract (1.6%)*
  • *High quality ingredients derived from nature
  • Best before: Printed on side of the box

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