Pâte à Choux


For a while, we wonder if a simple choux pastry can be made better. One day, we manage to find the answer.

Our choux pastry is encrusted with a crunchy charcoal top before we pipe fresh, luscious and umami custard cream.

The result - an overflowing and enjoyable experience with flowing custard with every crunchy bite.

Suitable For

  • Gatherings, parties and birthdays

Delivery Note

  • No customization allowed
  • The product will be shipped frozen to ensure freshness during logistics
  • Recommended to thaw for 3-4 hours in chiller to achieve recommended texture before consumption
  • For flowing of custard, it's recommended to microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute after thawing completely

Product Specifications

  • Contains dairy and eggs
  • Shelf-life: Best to eat it on the delivery date and 2 days in chiller
  • Storage Conditions: Keep in chiller at all times
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