Be part of our tea family - one that provides tea for every occasion so that everyone can enjoy tea. 

Why with Matchaya?

The purveyors of Artisanal Matcha and Tea in this part of Asia, we are the pioneer and innovator in this space that has been stagnant for years.

With a proven financial records with high ROI, you will be backed up extensively in these areas:


  • Financial instruments with respects to COGS, manpower, rental cost etc.
  • Data analysis of daily, monthly and seasonal sales and forecasts and implementation of informed decisions
  • Pricing strategy


  • Participation in interior design and placement of kitchen equipment
  • Menu engineering adapting to local preferences
  • Standardisation of standard operation procedures (SoP)
  • Provide training for basic menu and ongoing seasonal items
  • Dedicated support by our day-to-day operations team


  • Assistance in growing customer base via traditional/digital marketing
  • Marketing strategies to increase foot and digital traffic
  • Assistance in lower acquisition cost with higher conversion rate

Audit / Quality Control

  • Scheduled audit checks for quality control in terms of financial variants and physical checks.

We are a team of fun and passionate individuals that want to grow our family by attracting like-minded partners. 

Join us and own your business today. Together, we are a #progressiveteabar

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