Matcha and Tea Appreciation Basic Workshop (1 Hour)


Matcha - The Superfood

In recent years, matcha — once only shared among the highest nobility in Japan — has transcended from simply being an aristocratic beverage to one of the most lauded superfoods today. Besides its long list of health benefits, matcha is also backed by remarkable culture and tradition, which should still be celebrated, more so in our fastpaced modern world. Here are five (5) reasons why people are loving matcha:

  1. It’s delicious
  2. It’s full of nutrients for your health
  3. It’s great for a body detox
  4. It’s been valued for centuries
  5. It can help in weight loss and management 

Matcha Appreciation Workshop

With Matcha being a superfood that is gaining in popularity, Matchaya has conceived a Matcha Appreciation workshop that can be suitable for the casual tea drinker and serious hobbyist.

The workshop seeks to offer an introduction of tea and Matcha from its history and culture, to the requisite equipment, brewing methods, and basic tea tasting, ultimately creating your own matcha beverage for consumption!

For corporate team building / workshop enquires, kindly contact us here!

Workshop Outline

The class covers the following content:

  • The origin and basic knowledge of Matcha
  • How to differentiate good quality Matcha
  • Introduction to Matcha tea whisking equipment and key parameters
  • Physical session of Matcha making and its relevant beverage


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