A Very Matchaya Xmas: 12% OFF Christmas Specials till 12.12!

With the festive season just round the corner, we're sure that you've made plans for the extra-long weekends - but what is a gathering without spreading the love and joy of Matchaya Christmas Specials?

Introducing our latest Christmas exclusive, the Matchaya Shortbread Cookies – the one and only cookies to complement our teas!

Buttery, crumbly, and familiar to our taste with the addition of umami from our Uji Matcha powder, these cookies are the perfect companion to your daily tea time!

A Christmas classic, with our very Matchaya touch to it! Spread with Uji Matcha chantilly cream and piped with luxurious ceremonial Koicha cream and Japanese azuki, every mouthful will be a delight with a harmonious note of bitterness and umaminess (and certainly happiness!).

For fans of Houjicha (roasted green tea), the classic logcake comes spread with Houjicha  chantilly cream and rolled with 72% chocolate ganache, every mouthful will be a delight with a harmonious note of roastiness and nuttiness (and certainly happiness!).

From now till 12.12, enjoy 12% OFF our Christmas exclusives - what are you waiting for? Order now to spread the love & joy with Matchaya this Christmas!

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