HAUNTED TEA HOUSE: Halloween Specials!

In the sprit of Halloween, our dedicated team has created a bit of charcoal magic on our menu! From now til the end of October, get into the dark, yet thrilling mood with us with our special creations!

Look out for our R.I.P. Tombstones & Screamberries in-store - they're simply waiting to haunt you!

Fancy something sweet? Our cup soft serves are now accompanied with the R.I.P Tombstones! Soft Serve Cones are also taking a turn with a special Charcoal Waffle Cone!

From our savoury menu, enjoy a twist on our Osaka Fluffy Pancakes - now ready to scare with the addition of charcoal to darken the mood. Are you ready to enjoy our classics with the atmosphere of Halloween? 👻

👻Boooosaka Fluffy Pancakes 👻

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