The Matchaya Story: Who We Are

Long time fans of ours will remember the old days of our pop-ups & humble store at Icon Village, but do you know why Matchaya was created? 

Matchaya was born from a desire, to provide tea for every occasion. Inspired by a trip to Japan in 2015, the search for quality Matcha back in Singapore was in vain. The following trip to Japan was then to source for premium ingredients & learn from those dedicated to the craft - Tea Farmers & Tea Masters.

As the passionate Tea Farmers & Masters shared with us their craft, we translate that influence and passion in our creations at Matchaya, bringing you on a tea adventure, just as we had. 

From Japan to you, we focus on great tasting products while redefining flavour and textures that everyone will enjoy. 

Our only core value is people and its derivatives - craftsmanship, passion and connections.

The next time you experience Matchaya, regardless of product or service, be glad to know that you are championing a great cause - to make this world a better place by drinking tea, one cup at a time.

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