Welcome to Matchaya: Progressive Online Store

A great welcome to our progressive online store, your lifestyle destination for artisanal matcha, Japanese tea and tea-inspired products. Since our humble beginning as a pop-up store in 2015, we have constantly improve our knowledge of tea while engaging our customers at every step to build a better relationship.

Our goal has always been pristine - to build a global and sustainable ecosystem for Matcha and tea lovers through small batch, artisanal tea products. One at a time, in a progressive manner.

We are super excited to launch our online platform to connect to global tea lovers  in an intimate way; to see, breathe and drink tea in a modern approach.

To get things started, let's have a short orientation about our new online shop:

"Shop" A plethora of items and services ranging from tea powder, leaves, tea wares etc. to lifestyle products such as giftcards, and even tech products! A one-stop space for curated products.

"Visit" Physical locations in Singapore (and around the world soon, we hope!) where you can enjoy a good cup of tea and interact with our tearistas and tea bar.

"Wholesale" A leading B2B supplier of artisanal Matcha and Japanese Tea related products in Singapore and region. Here, you can find places we supply to and why they pick Matchaya as a value-added partner.

"How-To" A collection of recipes. You will find videos and posts focusing on the basics, tips and tricks of making delicious Matcha and tea-related food and drinks.

"Discover" Discover the latest tea insights, news, exciting collaborations and daily lives of our tearistas as we seek to share our knowledge in an engaging manner.

Lastly, many thanks to everyone for following our dream from a pop up store to now. It has been a fun and rewarding journey but no doubt, intense and tough at the same time! We will not be here if not for each and every one of you out there! 

We will love to take your questions or comments anytime, please feel free to drop us a message via "Contact Us". We will love you to follow us on our social media platforms via @matchayasg and finally, thanks for stopping by!


- Kevin Chee (Founder)

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