Ichibancha (First flush) - What is it?

The fade of the cherry blossoms marks the coming of the end of spring, and as spring fades, crop farmers look forward to the first harvest of the year - starting from the day called Hachijyu Hachiya (lit. Eighty-eighth night), the 88th day after the first day of spring.

Tea farmer hand-picking leaves.

This day marks the optimal time for harvesting tea leaves that are full of nutrients absorbed from the soil, stored over winter.

Tea farmers have approximately 2 weeks to pick the first harvest tea leaves, hence, the first harvest fetches higher prices, and costs more to produce.

Matcha made from the new buds that sprout in spring is concentrated in these nutrients, have a superior amino acid profile, more intense colour, umami, and sweeter taste. Stay tuned in the following weeks to learn more about what makes matcha, matcha!

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