Mid-Autumn Special (ii): The Many Myths of Chang'e & Hou Yi

While legend tells us of Chang'e as the Moon Goddess of Immortality, have you ever wondered about the myths surrounding her origins? As with ancient legends, many retellings exist - however, her husband, Hou Yi, and the elixir of immortality, remains constant in all the stories.

Hou Yi was granted the elixir of immortality after performing the heroic deed of shooting down nine of ten suns scorching the Earth, but had refused to drink it as there was only enough for one, and he did not wish for immortality without Chang'e. Some say that Chang'e drank the elixir to prevent it form being stolen, while others portray Chang'e as a thief, stealing the elixir for her own benefit.

After the events had transpired, Hou Yi began leaving out her favourite desserts and fruits out as sacrifices, which is still a tradition during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Inspired by the moon, mooncakes are a staple for Mid-Autumn Festival, with many different variations, just like the myths. Here at Matchaya, we've stuck true to our roots to create a variety of special mini tea mooncakes. With 4 flavours:

  • Uji Matcha
  • Sakura Royal Milk Tea
  • Kurogoma & Shirogoma
  • Kumamoto Purple Sweet Potato

it's hard to pick a favourite!

Have you pre-ordered yours yet? Which flavour of our tea mooncakes would you pick as your favourite? 

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