Mid-Autumn Special (iii): The Moon Rabbit (玉兔)

As the Moon Goddess of Immortality, Chang'e is often portrayed with a bunny - but have you ever wondered why? While the Moon Rabbit (玉兔) is a common cultural symbol across Far Eastern mythology, different versions of the stories exist across cultures.

In Mid-Autumn Festival legends, the white bunny was rewarded with immortality by the immortals for its bravery when it had no food to offer to them, and instead offered itself as food to the immortals. The bunny was then sent to the moon to accompany Chang'e, and to constantly pound immortality herbs into powder for the immortals.

Rest assured that at Matchaya, no immortal bunnies are harmed in the process of grinding our tea powders to be used in our mini tea mooncakes! Have you pre-ordered yours yet?

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