Debunking Our Soft-Serve

They're the perfect way to gather friends and families!

Here are five (5) reasons why everyone is obsessed with our soft serve:

  1. Only premium ingredients
  2. No artificial flavouring and colouring
  3. Lighter, creamy texture
  4. Lesser in fat content 
  5. Simply irresistible

Uji Matcha Soft Serve Tub

We're really proud of our signature blend - a delightful harmony of umami and creaminess. Rumour has it that we produce the best Uji Matcha Soft Serve in Singapore. Period.

Houjicha Soft Serve Tub

Remember our very first soft serve from the humble little shop where our adventure started? (And no, it wasn't Matcha).

This was the delightful flavor we introduced to Singapore, hoping to change how everyone saw Japanese Tea. This was the flavor that started it all!


If you are not a Matcha lover, this nutty and roasty soft serve will be your top choice instead.


Kurogoma (Black Sesame) Soft Serve Tub

On one of our enjoyable trips to Osaka, we fortunately and happily stumbled upon a lovely 3rd generation Goma (sesame) maker. We were given the opportunity to learn about the product, its authenticity, and how it is processed at this old-fashioned factory.

We were deeply moved to pay tribute to their heritage, and with this intention, we meticulously create our Kurogoma soft serve to the utmost standards of quality.

It could be a snug evening indoors or a laid-back afternoon, just sit back and chill with your top pick from Netflix while enjoying a tub of soft serve from us.

Visit us at our retail stores or shop now to secure your delivery slots!

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