Massimo Dutti x Matchaya

Massimo Dutti has recently launched their limited edition SS24 collection, which offers a carefully selected variety of functional pieces in timeless style, made in materials and silhouettes that embody the brand's spirit.
Well-known for its enduring sophistication, Massimo Dutti is a globally acclaimed fashion brand and is famous for its chic and stylish clothing lines. The brand's designs typically showcase sleek lines, high-end fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail, encapsulating a sense of subtle luxury.
We are excited to be partnering with Massimo Dutti for a 4-day launch event and to be able to connect with fashion lovers and tea enthusiasts. This collaboration allows us to explore the intersection of style and tea culture, bringing together two seemingly disparate worlds in a unique and intriguing way.
Our partnership also features a mobile tea bar, where shoppers can enjoy a unique sensory experience while shopping. The tea is brewed with the same level of precision and attention to detail that is applied in the creation of each garment. 


The experience can also be as soothing and refined as the clothing line, yet as fresh and stimulating as a new fashion trend.

What's even better? Retailers get to engage in conversation with our certified tea master, enhancing their shopping experience while also providing them with an insight into the world of tea culture.

We are here to create a luxurious touch to the shopping experience, so drop by to explore their newest exclusive collection and receive a complimentary freshly whisked Matcha or Houjicha Latte with any purchase!


21 March & 22 March 2pm - 8pm
23 March & 24 March 12pm - 6pm

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