A New Realm of Tea Journey - Tea Boxes

After months of exploration and experimentation, we've curated 10 uniquely flavoured tea boxes not commonly found in the mass market. Our commitment to preserving natural purity means we exclusively use dried fruits and flavours, avoiding additives such as artificial flavors or preservatives.


With the correct brewing, the real essence of flavour should come from natural tea leaves/flowers and not artificial replacements.


Loose tea leaves, on the other hand, have layers of taste that unfold as you drink, giving you a more intricate and satisfying flavour profile.

Ubiquitous, in the context of tea, refers to those flavours that are easily accessible and suitable for everyday drinking. These flavours are not overly complex or rare, rather they are familiar and comforting, making them an ideal choice for those who enjoy a regular cup of tea at the comfort of their home.

Black Yuzu Tea Box

Botanical Chamomile Tea Box

Tokyo Breakfast Tea Box

Royal Earl Grey Tea Box

Uji Sencha Tea Box

Uji Houjicha Tea Box

Shizuoka Genmaicha Tea Box

Momo Sencha Tea Box

Lavender Yuzu Houjicha Tea Box

Sakura Spring Tea Box


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