Fully Bloomed - Sakura Season 2024

This Sakura season, we're excited to bring the charm of Japan's streets to Matchaya!

It's a time where everyone comes together to celebrate this natural wonder, joining Hanami parties (cherry blossom viewing), and enjoying food and drinks under the blooming trees.

To bring this experience to life, we have curated a series of items, such as Sakura Lattes, Sakura Fizzy Lemonade and Sakura Parfait, that are perfect to enjoy as the spring weather warms up.

Matcha & Houjicha Sakura Latte

Floral and earthy, with carefully sourced premium Sakura powder that gives the drink a lovely pink hue and a subtle hint of spring’s floral aroma.

Sakura Fizzy Lemonade

Zesty lemonade complemented by the subtle sweetness of cherry blossom syrup and lightly salted Sakura flower for added kick.

And the best part? You get to watch the flower bloom as it submerges into the drink!

Sakura Parfait

Layered with different textures and topped with torched tricoloured dango, azuki red bean, and matcha langue de chat.
Trust me, you're going to love this perfect combination!


Other Sakura items available:
🌸 Sakura Spring Mocktail (exclusively at Takashimaya outlet)
🌸 Sakura Spring Tea
🌸 Sakura Spring Tea Box


This unique Sakura experience is now available for a limited time only! So don't miss this opportunity to experience the magic of Japan's Sakura season right here at Matchaya.

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