Weekly Tea News: Teacher's (aka Mentor) Day

Everyone needs at least one great life mentor in their lifetime. They’ll give you advice and inspiration that will completely change your future. They’ll give you easy shortcuts that will help you get on the right path again quickly. They’ll even be a role model and guide whom you can follow.
These mentors (aka teachers) are not the professional ones we usually think of, but also every day people in our lives. They could be your friends, family members, neighbours, and colleagues!
 Some of the benefits:
  • They Believe In You More Than You Do
  • They Can Give You Honest Feedback
  • They Motivate And Inspire You To Take Action
  • They Teach You From Their Experience

Sometimes, saying thank you is never enough... which is why we have these treats!

Matcha Stuffed Cookie

Teacher's Day

Pate A Choux 

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