What is Matcha?

In the 12th Century, the Zen master Eisai, known as the founder of Rinzai sect, brought back tea seeds from the Song dynasty of China. This is thought to be the origin of tea culture in Japan. Tea at this time was enjoyed in the same way as preparing powdered tea instead of brewed tea.

However, the popularisation of tea came about when the monk Myoe of Kosan-ji in Toganoo in the suburb of Kyoto cultivated tea seeds in locations such as Uji, Ninnaji, & Daigo.

Matcha, in particular, is always made from shaded tea leaves during their last month of cultivation. giving matcha it’s distinct full-bodied & less astringent flavour. This produces high levels of:

By stone-grinding the leaves into fine tea powder, matcha is produced, with all its health benefits such as:

  • Increased metabolism
  • better sleep
  • Improved mental focus and endurance. 

In modern days, matcha is not only prepared traditionally in tea ceremonies, but also enjoyed with other ingredients such as milk and sugar, making matcha lattes. Its popularity has also seen the creation of matcha ice creams and desserts, which is what we at Matchaya enjoy experimenting with, such as our Pate a Choux, Signature Soft Serves, & Cold Whisked Milk Teas!

Regardless of if you like matcha by itself or with other ingredients, this 9.9, enjoy the taste and benefits of matcha with our Uji Matcha Powder (30g) with us at a special price of $9.90 only! 

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