Ever Curious About a Day in the Life of a Tearista?

This week, we’re shaking things up with a fresh perspective on Matchaya’s Tearista 🍵

Throwback to a partnership with e2i, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals through training and employment opportunities.

With the support of e2i, Matchaya welcomed a diverse array of tearistas, from seasoned professionals to eager newcomers looking for a career change. Through specialized training programs under the Career Conversion Programme, even those with limited experience found themselves honing their skills and mastering the art of tea-making.
Whether you're a seasoned tea lover or just starting to explore the beautiful world of matcha, you're totally welcome here! No need for fancy memberships or formalities.


Feel free to explore at your own comfy pace. We'd be thrilled if you could join us for our fun matcha appreciation workshop. We can't wait to welcome you and your friends to the tea bar!

Join Us At Our Matcha Appreciation Workshop!





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