Koicha (Thick Matcha) Affogato Recipe | Ceremonial Grade Matcha

For 100% real matcha lovers!

Affogato, which means 'drowned' in Italian, involves drowning ice cream in coffee. However, at Matchaya, we substitute coffee with Koicha, also known as thick matcha. It shares similarities with espresso in the world of coffee, being rich in caffeine and offering an intense flavour experience.

If you're feeling adventurous and up for a daring challenge, the Koicha Affogato is perfect for you (or your friends). Experience the intense richness of our Koicha and Signature Koicha Soft Serve, both crafted from ceremonial grade matcha - Okumidori.

Enjoy it with Matchaya's legendary Ceremonial Grade Matcha soft serve at the comfort of your own home. Experience the extreme intensity and umami like never before!


  • Black Chawan (bowl)
  • Chasen (bamboo whisk)
  • Chasen holder (whisk holder)
  • Scoop
  • Sift


  • 6 g of Okumidori powder
  • 40 ml of warm water (70 - 80°C preferred) 
  • Signature Koicha Soft Serve (Seasonal)


1. Sieve 6 g of Okumidori powder.

2. Add 40 ml of warm water (70 - 80°C preferred) 

3. Gently whisk it in a slow circular motion until it turns into a thick paste (Koicha)

To achieve a smooth and thick matcha paste, avoid creating any bubbles or foam. The desired consistency should be similar to honey.

4. Scoop the soft serve into a cup or a small bowl.

5. Pour the warm koicha over the soft serve slowly.

You can serve it with just koicha and soft serve, but if you are feeling adventurous, try adding some toppings such as granolas or chocolate syrup!