Sencha Tea Leaf


An everyday companion admist the busy hustle. In need of something to aid in weight loss or increase energy level?

The most drank beverage in the world - Green Tea after coffee will certainly change the way you sip your mug!

Suitable For

  • Daily drinking

Brewing Method

  • Steeping Time: 1-2mins @ 70-80°C
  • Dosage: 1-2g / 50ml


  • Origin: Kyoto, Uji
  • Harvest: 1st flush (Spring)
  • Source: 4th Generation Tea Farmers
  • Tasting Note: Deep green buster with fresh grassy taste and umami finish

    Product Specifications

    • Shelf-life ~9 months
    • Storage Conditions: Keep under room temperature and away from sunlight at all times

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